craft find of the week

Somehow the Historian found himself in possibly the dodgiest cheapest imports gift store in Preston....and that is saying something. Poor man is a long way from home and left his geeetar in storage (the things we do for lerv). Desperate to noodle around with bad rock songs from the mid seventies he shelled out a grand total of $60 for this brand spankin new Korean Axe
it was the palm tree that seduced him in the end. He's on the look out for a Kingswood station wagon circa 73 to go with it...


pen said...

or a Sandman panel van!
Do you think he'll find a Kingswood in a dodgy shop in Preston? Might find a Sandman though!
Does he have a matching shirt?

Judi said...

Now that is indeed special in a ukelele kind way...Iko iko Iko !

Beck said...

oh dear that's genius, i'll have to pack up the collection of Al Caiola Hawaiian geeetar records for him.
I cant wait for our first dinner party kumbaya session... although knowing the Historian's taste it's more likely to be tribute night to The Fall complete with Mark. E. Smith impersonations