suburban safari
Thanks again to everyone that chipped in with recipe suggestions for the harvest overload. We are happy to report that we have managed to whip up a few beauts - a delicious cherry tomato and potato fritatta, numerous Thai inspired gourd dishes and even the zucchini, feta and mint fritters as mentioned by Miss PenPen. We're also planning some yum-berry chutney (thanks Dell and Shula for the hot tip) so fingers crossed we'll have a delicious staff meeting breakfast to brag about sometime next week!
In the meantime we spotted this, just around the quarters from HML headquarters...

Long lean and lime green with the full quota of chrome, louvre blinds and official 'VIP' credentials we couldn't go past this Valiant Safari as the ride of the week. We also think is it would make the most perfect H.M.L.MOBILE... (hint hint to the owner if you're reading ha ha)


shula said...

That is one fine car.

I'm surprised they leave it out on the street.

Beck said...

so were we, it was all we could do not to revert to our misspent youth and go joyriding!
(kidding people kidding)

pen said...

pine-lime splice!

Anonymous said...

my boyfriend and i bought one of these and when we broke up he got the car.

i swear that car was alive.
if the car broke down i would lay my hands reiki style on the bonnet and it would start.

six months after we broke up he still owed me money so i wished and wished the car would go to a lovely new owner who would restore it and deserve it.

a week later he rang to tell me the car had broken down and he had to sell it. i only hope 'valerie' looks somthing like this today.

i love the vip number plates!

meg said...

super fly. super duper.