Well the ladies hml always get excited when we here that the super stylins of Mr Nathan Gray are on display. We are doubly excited when we get to pretend that we are cool by heading out to Utopian Slumps. Apparently he's done an amazing installation -collage, woodwork, found objects, drawings, basketry, makeshift constructions - sounds excellent doesn't it?
Also on our radar is NZ chap Peter Robinson at Sutton Gallery. The show title 'Concatenation and Dispersion in Project Space' is a little pompous, a litte heavy handed, but we think his work looks pretty playful and interesting...we'll let you know
And to extend the notion of the Handmade the ladies will be paying a visit to the latest at 45 Downstairs 'Propositions and Game Plans' - an exhibition of composers notebooks and manuscripts. Process is always interesting and insight into another craft is intriguing.

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pen said...

I think 'concaternation' was what I did to the kitty litter try this evening- or perhaps that was