double trouble

The architect's sister finally had her twins - Congratulations Daz and Luciana! Beck managed to fulfil her Aunty duties by knocking out not one but TWO baby blankets just in time for the bubbets arrival. Luciana played mum, literally, on the gender so intially there was much to-ing and fro-ing about how to manage color schemes. In the end she settled on a 'warm' and 'cool' color palette (which HML reccomends as a pretty safe bet if you ever find yourself in this situation) As it's turned out the boys, stocky, dark haired Lucas and Rory, a fair wee snippet of a lad suit the colors to a "t". We've reccomended the red/brown combo for Rory and the blue/green combo for Lucas, but of course we'll be leaving it up to the new mum and dad to make the final decision... when they get a minute, which given their current workload might not be for another few months at least!

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shula said...

You ladies are dynamos. Dynamos.