You all know by now how hml ladies love a road trip. Any excuse to get the thermos out and hit the open road. We've long been talking up the benefits of sea air and good craft so this weekend we are going to head down to the Mornington Penninsula to see the Industrial Strength Jewellery by Louise Aaron on now at Pomme

But before that we'll get urban and hit one of the first of this years Fringe Festival treats with the new Platfrom show by artists Maggie Pereya and Lyndal Peake.

Famously crafty gals who are better known for wacked out toys and soft brooches Eternal External promises to 'capture mortality, to suspend, analyse and dissect specimens - the dark art of taxidermy with a playful twist'....sounds intriguing. And it's a good opprtunity to hit the arcade and see the new range at the Cats Meow and drool of the zines at Sticky.

More Festival highlights in the days to come...

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shula said...

Finally went to Rose Street Market last weekend, quite by accident.

Looked for you, but the stars weren't aligned, I guess.