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Dear Readers, hml has been experiencing technical (not to mention emotional, financial, geographical and medical) difficulty this past week - hence the lack of posts. So to make up for our absence, today's missive will be jam packed with a weeks worth of pith and pictures. Plus we promise to be here same time same bat channel tomorrow!

Our show of the week is an unusual one but we thought you 'woodies' out there would appreciate the work of Phoenix born artist Jennyfer Stratman on show this week at Uber Gallery (no that is not a typo - that's how she spells her name). Her work is beautful and inspiring. The tree motif continues...
Our artwork of the week comes from our beloved Intern - now 13, who did this excellent painting for Ramona's birthday. Most impressive. We are constantly amazed at how skilled kids are at composition -free of the constraints passed on to us by sucky high school art teachers - the Intern is a talent to watch...
Meal of the week had to be the humble lemon birthday cake served as breakfast in bed. There is nothing better - especially when you know Chef has gone through not one not two but three White Wings packet mixes to get it right. Top Drawer Sir!
Image of the week comes direct from Western Australia where it is in fact Wildflower season. Masses of everlastings, strawflowers, wild freesias, daisies and even the evil but lovely Pattersons curse are just everywhere. The side of the highway never looked so good!
And finally a gentle reminder to all you handmadelifers - only 14 weeks til Christmas (holy jingle bells batman!)
so if your'e planning on crafting things for family and friends - trust us - now is the time to start.


shula said...

Intern takes my breath away.

Beck said...

yep pretty darn good aint she!