up hill and down dale...
Ok so you are going to have to fully embrace Public Transport or the burning of more fossil fuel in your brum brums to catch our three shows of the week. The first is a must see: Mary Louise Edwards' new show at Stephen McLaughlin Gallery opened on Saturday and we are mad keen to get into the Nicholas Building lift to see her new work. Those of you lucky enough to have seen her recent show at Bendigo know that Edwards has a way with material- from the chux superwipe to the humble cork via the cardboard tube. The work above is called "Grand Gesture" so you can see why we are so excited.. We don't often recommend printmaking shows to you but we are thoroughly seduced by the etchings of Monique Auriccio so we'll be getting on the 112 tram to see her new work at Australian Galleries on Smith Street.
And for some fantastic examples of Melbourne Modernism - inluding some beautiful textiles by Frances Burke and great furniture by Fred Ward we'll be heading down the eastern freeway to Heide Museum of Modern Art - because quite frankly it's impossible to get to on PT - Rebecca could do it but Ramona just refuses. So into the Cherrymobile we go!
PS isnt this weather AMAZING dear readers? get out into the sun and get some Vitamin D while you can!

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shula said...

Please send the lift ladies my love.

We used to have a studio on the 2nd floor.

I still miss it.