in from the outskirts

Ok so you all know we're massive fans... so much so that we like to not only admire the wall works and listen to the soundscapes but we find it necessary to wear the outfit while doing so. Below is one of our faves, but really the list is endless, we have the complete set, really we do. tragic isn't it, but once you graduate from the band tee you need something to fill the void that still identifies you as part of a club. So the OUTSKIRTS club it is for us. Beautifully printed, excellent color selection and images that include Dylan's own particular take on bats, wolves and sleeping cats as well as owl parliaments and atomic deer.

Want more? Have a look at Dylan's hidden archive to find more about news, exhibitions, prints on paper and the ubiquitous tee's. Well worth the click.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where you can buy these t-shirts?

sandy X

Brian said...

If you're interested in fashion you'll find an interesting - and growing - collection of fashion galleries at http://media01.couriermail.com.au/extras/galleries/fashion/index.html. That includes the just-finished Brisbane Fashion Week.