pushing the envelope

If you are anything like us you'll harbour a reverance for all things stationary related that borders on obsessional. We love it. No we mean we really love it. Meals have been skipped in order to buy magazine holders, rent cheques have 'dissappeared' in lieu of matching pencils and notepaper, and we wont even identify the body parts that have been sold off to cover the cost of self inking stamp sets. So we were delighted to find this beautiful letter carrier hand crafted from the pages of vintage childrens books that didn't cost a bomb. Even nicer to find inside a short typed note from the maker who may not have identified themselves but did identify the age-old "conflict between sacrilige and good intention" involved in destroying the old to make the new. Sadly it appears that these puppies are no longer available on the retail market, but thankfully this one provided us with a workable template to make our own customised envelopes for our pen pals, should the mood or the children's book strike us.


Anonymous said...

Now that really is a good idea.

pen said...

I hate it when the pictures don't come up on my computer. Then I have to search for you through an Alternative Portal, you tantalise me then keep it from me, you hussies!
I can't stand it.......

handmadelife said...

I know we are evil temptresses, just look at our hair!
Now... just to add a little salt in the wound dont know if you noticed but the story book text on the back of the envelope is genius.
So now you have to go looking all over again, just to make sure you got the whole thing.