pulp faction

This intriguing invite turned up in the hml mailbox today and given its heady combo of faux wood grain veneer and mash-up allusions we got pretty excited. We know nothing about it other than its tag line - 25 artists, 40 pieces 1 big exhibition. But we trust wood panelling and we're giving it a big thumbs up and recommending it as a show of the week. For all you young folk there's also a big opening party this Thursday night ,with dj's and the like, and all proceeds from the paltry $5 entry fee are going to the Wilderness Society's Forest Campaign, so you can feel righteous as you write your self off.

art mish mash is on from July 17 - 28 at FAD gallery bar 14 Corrs Lane Chinatown.

Now for those who like a less random methodology in their exhibition selection process there is also the new Johnnie Dady show on at Uber Gallery. We've been waiting for this one for quite a while and to tantalise you a little we're letting you know that it includes magnificently crafted notions such as cardboard grand pianos. His work is clever, curious, playful, nostalgic, political and evocative. He once set fire to a wooden chair, extinguished it and then drew on paper with the charcoaled legs. Genius.

Johnnie Dady is on 04 July - 12 August at Uber Gallery 52 Fitzroy Street St. Kilda

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