couch potato Important things I have learned while being laid up on the couch:
Daytime television is nowhere near as good as you think it's going to be when you are at the office.
Crutches take a long time to organise when you need to visit the ladies.
There is a limit to the cups of tea you should drink a day (see above).
There is no limit to the amount of good chocolate you can consume while recouperating.
The same can be said of fresh cherries.
Lap top computers are actually very convenient.
Nice people make you lunch when you're poorly.
Finally getting the time to make presents for the people you love is enourmously rewarding.
Everything is better when you're under an afghan.

So here are the presents i've made from the couch: two hot water bottle covers for two cold footed friends and a bunny bag for my accessory mad neice. I hope they like them.


Anonymous said...

ooh I love those hot water bottle covers. They almost make this wintry weather worthwhile.

shula said...


You really should get laid up more often.

And why the crutches?

pen said...

As ruler of the Afghani shangri-la Durstonia, I'd like to say nice afghan on the back of the couch! How's the knee? Swelling going down? Bruise coming out?

Beck said...

Shula, can you believe I just fell over in the street like the cretinous ageing hag that I am, and badly sprained my knee.

And Miss penpen thanks for asking on the state of said knee and yes to all of the above, crutches have been dispensed with as of today and i'm readying myself for the outside world.
by the way v.glad the afghan meets with your approval, I must say I had a little pre-post anxiety about showcasing it, knowing of course that your highness would be watching.
:) ha ha

tash said...

those hot water bottles arent made from sweaters stolen from babies are they?