unfinished business
There has been much discussion in the log cabin this week about craft for pleasure, craft for business, high craft, low craft, hobby craft, renegade craft and generally how craft makes us happy and frustrated all at the same time. Beck's birthday haul got us thinking about all the unfinished projects that have been shoved away in the vain hope that one day we can get back to just sitting on the couch on a Sunday afternoon and NOT FREAK OUT about not generating enough income from our work...
Now no one can say that I am a great needlepointer. I certainly couldn't land a gig at the tapestry workshop but I can honestly say that almost no other 'hobby' apart from cooking and knitting has made me happier.

So in an attempt to find our happy place again the ladies of hml are engaging in a not for profit crafting this week. These may not get finished until next year but they will eventually find their way to friends and family and the only label they will have on them is a card saying 'I made this for you' xxx


Anonymous said...

oh my god they're freaking beautiful!!!

hell said...

those little cubes make me happy