wooly ones
Yes well we know we are often banging on about what we intend to do and then end up putting posts about our elaborate breakfasts but on occasion we do actually manage to get stuff done. We'd like to celebrate this rare occurance with you today! It's full steam ahead for our Warm and Fuzzy workshop. Wolly wonders are being pieced together as examples of what you can do with swathes of preloved jumpers.

Ramona even managed to pull out the oils this week for a much loved but far away friends birthday. She hopes he likes her Seinfeld approach (its a painting about nothing) - so much so she's on a jet plane to hand deliver it.


shula said...

Ladies, you've done it to me again.

Now I am possessed by an overwhelming urge to felt things...

handmadelife said...

Shula you keep upping the ante with your crafting prowess!!! so considering you got us to get the embroidery hoops out again we're happy to be returning the craft compulsion favour :)