green eggs no ham
Regular readers will be aware of just how much we ladies like a big breakfast, and the staff meeting menu has become quite a topic of speculation and is in fact actually now garnering queries in advance (thanks Juliana!) Anyway for all of your information last week we cafe'd it up at our local, Palomino and were so impressed with their baked eggs we decided to have a crack (sigh yes pun intended) at our own googie gourmet.

We whipped up a lovely dish of poached eggs with chive butter on a thick and grainy Phillipa's loaf, and it was delicious, if we do say so ourselves, of course it tasted so much better because of the 1950's lobster barbeque table cloth.

we also promised to talk up some CRAFT FINDS OF THE WEEK...

Here are a few of the treats bestowed upon us by Miss Pen Pen, which represent a very small sample of the buckets of buttons that rattled around Ramona's cherrymobile as we left Durstonia.

Thankfully we had had a big breakfast, it was quite a workout hauling the many heavy industrial sized bags up Beck's long staircase and by the end of it we barely managed to emtpy the booty out onto her loungeroom floor! After a wee break and some major sorting, we filled the table three times over with the knitted cast offs that also came to us via the uber generous first lady of textiles.

As you can imagine we were completely overcome with ideas for projects, so much so that when Beck found this superb length of stripey fabric she went into some kind of halucenogenic trance and her head fractured and multiplied like an Indian Deity, it might have just been the deadly combination of too much coffee and wool dust. We're still not sure.


shula said...

SO relieved to discover that mine is not the only head to do that.

And breakfast is the most sacred meal of my day. I couldn't care less about the rest.

Beck said...

me neither, although I must admit I do like an afternoon tea...