Freidanian slips


WOO-HOO we did it! On Saturday we made it all the way over the other side of the river to Sarajo Freidan's opening at Third Drawer Down Gallery HQ. Boy oh boy was it worth it. Not only did we meet the uber talented and excellently coiffured artist de jour-who we are happy to report is a complete delight, that's her on the left in blue, with gallery owner Abi Crompton in the middle pressing the flesh with Ramona. We each also managed to snaffle one of her truly terrific paintings... and we didnt even have to lie about the price when we got home to our families EXCELLENTO! Really people do yourselves the proverbial Molly and check this show out... it is incredibly inspiring and quite possibly the pick of the year so far.

Now readers a warning, you may notice that there is some unusually hazy photography in this post. David Wlazlo (aside from sporting a most excellent chux-wipe cravat) was juggling in house photographer duties with those of bartender and Beck fell victim to a bout of champagne fueled over excitement resulting in some decidely shaky camerawork.

The only drawback of the show was the fact that some of the pieces we liked best had been painted directly onto the walls... meaning that short of some major structural renovations we were going to have to stick to the works on paper to satisfy our buying frenzy.

Thankfully there were two wee paintings that suited us to a 'T'.

Ramona's ship finally came in and Beck at last got herself a tall boy.

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