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Longtime fans of Glaswegian artist David Shrigley have reason to celebrate this week with the opening of his Poster Project show at the difficult-to-find Kings ARI gallery. The HML team had to make harried phone calls back to head office to google directions to this outa the way space (because lets face it, we haven't been in King Street since the Smiths tribute night at Inflation in 1993). Shrigley's work is simple, sad, funny, and sharp - bit like us on a bad day we think! There is no clue at the gallery as to whether this collection of posters detailing birthday parties, farewell gatherings, gigs and exhibition openings are real or imagined - we suspect it's a mix of both. Watch for hml shrigley inspired posters later this week!
On a more personal note the hml team would like to extend a warm welcome to all our new readers and also shout out cheerio to our regulars. We've been getting lots of lovely feedback 'out in the field' and it's makin it all worthwhile peeps!

David Shrigley The Poster Project & Who I Am And What I Want

gallery 1,2 and AV, Kings Artist Run Initiative level 1/171 King St. Melbourne


open 3-6 Wed- Fri and Sat 12 -6

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