turning japanese


Greetings from Tokyo land of the lace decorated taxi, t-shirted dog and oversized diakon raddish... long time readers will remember Ramona in a similar pose with a zuchini out of the hml veggie patch last year...

While juggling babysitting duties of my 18 month old niece and three month old nephew I have managed to get out of the playpen and hit the neonlit streets of Shinjuku. This provided me with some excellent views of some of the fashion sense we have all come to expect of those fruity fashion types... but you'll all have to wait until I familiarise myself with the technology available here for me to post a collection of street fashion pics sorry people but at least it will give you something to look forward to.

Given that the national sport seems to be shopping, I have also made myself familiar with local shops in Sengawa... and boy those 100 yen shops are a treat! As you all know, I am always on the hunt for crafty finds, but so far the mystical five floored craft shopping extravangaza promised at the start of the trip has remained annoyingly elusive... fear not dear readers I will not give up the hunt and I promise some Japanese style craft store action before I depart!

At the moment my experience of the hand made thas been limited to food... and am happy to report that this edible investigation has not disappointed. Who would have thought that the best cakes I have EVER eaten (and that included dolce crawls throught italy my friends) would have been found here in the land of the sushi train? The world truly is a marvellous place.


annadee said...

Hey Beck,
I was only in Tokyo overnight last week but my most lasting impression was left by the toilets at the airport which featured an arm with push button accessories for things like 'spray', 'bidet' and 'flushing sound'! Of course I had to try out the flushing sound and it was very tinny and obvious to listeners that one was trying to cover some 'other' sound.

Beck said...

you know the toilets really are the most amazing thing... aside from the excellent muzac anti flush sounding device and spray features(not a good look when you push that one by mistake and exit the cubicle with wet hair!) I have to say I like the heated seat function best, really toasts you up on a cold tokyo night.