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SHOW OF THE WEEKOpening at Craft Victoria this week as part of the L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival is 'Solutions for Better Living'. Curator Kate Rhodes has made it a little difficult for us to tell you what the show is all about suffice to say there are some blue ribbon jewellers involved and alot of talk about situationist theories and 'the spectacle' - don't ask us today - we'll let you in on the actual details on Friday after we've snuck into the opening on Thursday night for the artists talks and glass of champagne (everything is clearer with bubbles...)
The above image is of a 'piece' by Roseanne Bartley entitled 'Human Necklace'...we are suitably challenged and intrigued. We may not be the sharpest tools in the shed but we do love ideas here at HML and we get the feeling that this show has food for thought.

here's a bit from the press release for all our enquiring jeweller readers out there:
Traditionally, jewellery is a model of intimate engagement between wearer and worn, where significance is created in the private realm of individual consumption. However, the jewellery in this exhibition produces or prompts human relations. These Melbourne-based artists seek out collective encounters as the glue that generates meaning.

Artists include: Roseanne Bartley, Susan Cohn, Kiko Gianocca, Phoebe Porter and Blanche Tilden.


PS - hopefully we'll get a virtual postcard from Beck in Tokyo this week. Awfully quiet around the campfire without her!

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ma roulotte said...

looking forward to having a look!
(nexus based ideas + jewellery: sounds quite exciting). thanks for the notice.