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This weeks craft find had to be wrestled out of my brother Matt's hands with a ridiculous amount of begging, pleading and freshly made pesto bribery.

You see he too had headed north to the magical op-shopping heaven that is Hervey Bay and snaffled a swag of excellent objects which he said he'd be donating to HML. Of course in the cold light of day (or was that the sweltering heat of a Melbourne weekend) he decided that he wanted to keep them for himself - although how they are going to fit in with the 70's teak bachelor pad meets futuristic vinyl record emporium look he has going we'll never know.

Thankfully he finally consented to a temporary loan, just long enough to let us photograph them as our 'Gothic Victoriana meets contemporary kitsch' themed craft find of the week.

Amazingly we realised that our mutual love for the CAMEO wasn't limited to the traditional framed ladies of the long neck as seen in the plastic incarnation above; we were also both massive fans of another Cameo - one with a special penchant for the leather codpiece and fade cut.

word up indeed.

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