SHOWS OF THE WEEKYes folks it's that time of year again. fashion Festival hits us with full force next week so one half of hml is dusting of the Manolos (or is that birkenstocks...) while the other is busy packing for a jaunt to Tokyo (lucky Beck!) .
Quite frankly the latest from Wayne Cooper and Allanah Hill doesn't interest us in the slightest (they don't like us so why should we like them?) but this year the cultural program really kicks some goals and there are some cheeky coattail riders like the show at

Bus (from their media release)

From the sublime to the ridiculous. 20 Melbourne Artists! Experienced tailors and needle nicks as well as some people who have never even paid more than 50 cents for a frock have answered the call of Patrick O'Brien (bus) to create something that means fashion, couture, costume.

Kind of coinciding with the Melbourne fashion festival, Bus is where you will see the real cutting edge of what all the kids will be wearing...... in about 10 years time..... maybe.

Bus 117 Lt Lonsdale St Melbourne 3000 http://www.bus117.com

(opening this Tuesday 6-8pm)

Part of the official program includes a hot ticket at SOMEDAY in Curtain House Swanston St -Hml fave Irene Grishin-Selzer's much anticipated installation of sculptural work in their newly configured space. You can catch a V.I.P viewing this thursday between 7-9pm - we'll be there drooling over those ceramic skulls. Her work is there from the 1st of 12th of March. Don't miss this rare opportunity to see what the genius behind Iggy & Lou Lou creates when the work goes 3 dimensional - stunning.

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