if you build it they will come

I Built It Myself

The HML staff can often be found staring longingly at abandoned factories wishing for our lotto balls to drop (ahem). With unlimited funds we'd not just have a virtual empire but a bricks and mortar one as well. We'd hire Mr M as our master architect, we'd have endless rows of industrial sewing machines, work benches, studio spaces, rooftop garden, childcare centre, a library, a gallery, a shop, and a very big tv and buckets of fabric and wool and paint and beads and and and...well yes and beer.

We'd invite you all of course!


shula said...

Mine would also have an upstairs, state-of-the-art living space, with a lap pool running up the side.

In the heart of the city, I think.

I've got it all worked out.

Beck said...

great idea Shula
you know a lap pool should really have been number one on the list... and while we're dreaming lets make it an infinity style lap pool while we're at it!

Gill said...

love it!!!

if you want it, you´ll get it!!!
keep on going up!!

Zedd said...

A worthy dream. Tack on a large yoga room and massuer and I'll be there with cupcakes!

kas said...

hey that's what I'm doing with my lotto win! I'm also going to make it green green green with solar panels and water harvesting and greywater and a vegie garden.
I even have a list of possible factories (mostly around Northcote and Brunswick). My favourite factory (Moderne, yellow brick with huge city skyline-facing picture window and curvey end)has been empty for years (thus fuelling the fantasy) but is about to be demolished for a new factory/office/warehouse complex! I almost cried, but sent the real estate agents an outraged email instead.
Oh when are those numbers coming up, damn it!

Florence said...

I like the fun colours and the little ball tops on the towers. And is that a slippery slide...yes that would be cool!