If I had a hammer...

Well it really has all been about the built enironment this week, and yesterday we showed you our imagined perfect environ made even better with the addition of Shula's lap pool...I cant believe left both that and the rooms full of marshal amps and turntables out... silly really. Today we decided to show you what has been happening in our real built environment. As you can see from this photo, Beck's really one for home improvement, even from a young age her love of carpentry knew no bounds, just look at how much she's enjoying herself.
Last weekend Mr M, the in-house architect had plans to tear a hole in a wall at hml HQ (yay says Beck, more sanding...) and while he was at it, decided to build a stairway to heaven ...well to be honest not quite heaven, actually just the kitchen. The photo below shows you where things are now... but give us a week or two and it will be finally finished and we'll all be able to breathe a non plaster-dust filled sigh of relief!


shula said...

Do you mean to tell me that hml actually OWNS their own place?

If so, I am deeply impressed.

annadee said...

Oh Beck! you little spunky kinder-crafter. Are your gorgeously plump cheeks full of nails?
love anna

pen said...

love the outfit- sort of serious-young-intellectual-woodworker-from-the-paris-commune-look.
very serious, probably thinking 'what would sartre do if he hit his thumb with a hammer?.....'

handmadelife said...

its true, both the cheeks full of nails ready to be spat at the doofus photographer taking the shot and the plaited philosphising craftster in stripes perplexed with existential angst and bottletops.

nothings changed.