Small things amuse small minds it would seem. One half of HML is lucky enough to be gettin hitched to an architect (handy! resourceful! neat!) and one of the greatest benefits are the array of building related gadgets that make it into the hml staff room (ie Becks kitchen). Mr M may not be so happy when he discovers we've been using his Disto to measure the distances between the dog and the tv (4.3 metres) but hey is there anything cooler than that little red laser light?

Really we are more little wooden ruler gals (hence the going ga ga over the hi tech disto wonder). We think american jeweller Amy Pfaffman is too -check out her earrings - you may not be able to measure the distance between the cornice and the skirting board - but really perhaps that is best left to the experts...


Zedd said...

Congratulations Rebecca, on the imminent hitching!

Beck said...

why shucks thanks... although in usual way we havent even got round to a date yet...typical.
I can say however that my fellow bloglady is beside herself with plans she loves a nuptial!!!