Build em up


When is a building not a building? when is a room not a room? Perhaps when it is built within another building and another room? Intrigued? So are the ladies of hml who are heading to that bunker of delight - the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art - to see UK artist Mike Nelson confound and and challenge us in his maze -like installation 'Lonely Planet'. Those of you, like us, who fondly remember the Melbourne Biennale held in the old Telstra Building (yes that one - where it lost all the money and could never be staged again - still was amazing tho) will get right into this environment. It's art as full body experience, much like good (and bad) architecture.

It's a built environment week here at hml, better get out the levels and measuring tapes and watch Belly of an Architect again...

Lonely Planet runs til Feb 25

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