a soft place to fall


No prizes for guessing what our craft find is this week. I felt a wee bit cheeky raiding my mother's closet for these little gems. Some a from school fetes, some were christmas fancies from a beloved and since passed friend, a couple were made by moi (the three bodgy ones below)

And one in particular came with so much family history we can call it an heirloom. It's been a part of her closet for a long time. From her 1950's childhood school uniform, her 1960's suit for secretary school, her 1970's faux suede kaftan she wore at my first communion, her powder grey power suit from 1986, the fantastic cable sweater she bought back from Ireland in 1993 and now the blouse she'll wear to her grandaughter's primary school graduation ceremony next month it has lovingly held them all. My mother and her covered coathanger.

nice huh.


shannon said...

My Nana has a reputation for giving horrible Christmas presents such as mantlepiece, faux crystal clocks from Crazy Clarks- I've been encouraging her to make me coathangers- I think she finds it weird but I love my clothes being guarded by the spirit of my fiesty old Nana in a coathanger!

handmadelife said...

you know Ms Garson we are in full agreement there! Nana craft rocks.