hang ups


Handmadelife are going old skool this week with the uber-trad craft of the covered Coathanger. A new show at Yarra Sculpture Gallery promises to present 'traditional craft skills in a contemporary light'. We know with makers like the wonderous Jenny Bartholemew crossed with the always fantastic Country Womens Association involved it is going to be a wild ride into the wardrobe.

For those of you that haven't ventured to the sculpture gallery, make the effort because it's a really interesting alternative space for 'objects'.

We wonder, do craftspeople ever think of themselves as sculptors?

Yarra Sculpture Gallery 117 Vere Street Abbotsford. www.sculptors.org.au show runs til Oct 29

PS DIY Christmas?


Florence said...

I remember having coat hangers like those. the woven plastic ones are mighty fine :)

Making toys, one definitely sculpts, and it requires quite a lot of patience. You guys would know what I mean, especially with your soft alphabet for Morph 2;)


Ramona said...

oh Florence all I remember from that alphabet is stuffing. stuffing until our fingers bled (well not quite that dramatic).