More Blue Things


Looking around our homes we realized something. We are collectors. And I, like a bowerbird, collect small blue things. Some have been $2 mugs from target and others have cost me a weeks salary! I certainly didn't set out to only choose blue, it just seems to have turned out that way.

Here are a few of my more significant blue things:

This incredible David Pottinger vessel from his 2005 solo show:

South Australian ceramicist Gerry Wedd. His work blows me away. I wish I could afford a big blue thing!
Treasures from Irene Grishin Selzer (Iggy & LouLou). Baroque, encrusted, opulent, elegant and at the same time robust enough to use:
A gift from Beck (the greatest gift giver I have ever known). A small pot by Marianne Huhn:
Two pieces by Biggi Spiro. So delicate I can't believe I haven't broken them yet! Biggi is so consistently interesting and her use of colour is very dynamic even on such small vessels:

My most treasured object. My small blue house by architect and ceramicist Susan Robey. This is my 'save one object from the fire'. A poem.


Shula said...

I'd be thinking more, 'must get insurance to cover possible cat burgulary of extraordinary world class ceramic art collection'.

Keep that up and you'll be giving Heidi a run for it's money.

Florence said...

beautiful, very beautiful.

blue and ceramics go so well together.