going to print


Painter, printmaker sculptor Dean Bowen shows new work at Axia Modern Art Gallery this week. Hml are big fans of Bowen's energised and colourful images and have used him as inspiration for this weeks theme 'The Print'. There is much for the crafts person at a show like this, Bowen is an amazing colourist (doesn't the painting above evoke fantastic old quilts?) and seems to get great joy out of the everyday.

Port Jackson Press hosts a new show called 'Beasties' curated by one of hml's all time favorite australian printmakers Rona Green. For those of you that haven't been to PJP Print Room now is the prefect time to go. With 23 artists featured in the show it will be like a crash course in contemporary Australian printmaking. Great thing about buying prints is they are original, affordable and with the number of techniques endlessly varied. Funny how we keep going back to Rona's lino printed dog...

BEASTIES runs til September 30 Port Jackson Press Print Room 59 Smith St Collingwood

Dean Bowen: Urban Heartland runs tilSeptember 15 Axia Modern Art 1010 Hight St Armadale


Shula said...

My, you girls do get around.

handmadelife said...

we have found that the trick to seeing shows is to just force yourself out the door once a fortnight and see half a dozen on one day.Kind of like being a tourist in your own town. It also helps that we live in the inner city - when things are sometime just a couple of tram stops away it makes it easier. And hey you know sometimes! we don't get to see the shows at all, but we like to let everyone know they're on.