taking the cake


Cupcakes Take the Cake is the name of an intriguing little blog that salutes this small but fantastic dessert de jour. We don't quite know what has sparked this latest craze but as all the staff at hml can be tempted by a vanilla morsel with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles we are more than happy to jump on board the cupcake express. We also view cooking as a craft , and baking one of the highest arts. And what better bite to go with a hot cup of tea?

cupcakes take the cake


shannon said...

Rebecca Ward and I have been working on a special suprise cupcake collaboration! I can't reveal it yet but am always pleased when this culinary form gets the attention it deserves- my favourites are plain butter cupcakes with fairy wings on top stuck in a blob of jam and cream.

Shula said...

Let's not forget the fact that they offer RECIPES. (capricorns are notorious for their love of manuals). Nice find, hml, linked to this without a moment's hesitation.

We too, love to bake, and are delighted to see a resurgence of this fine art. Did you know cupcakes sell in St Kilda for upwards of $3.50 a hit?

Beck said...

Shannon, i'm right there with you...mmm mmm I do so love a fairy winged cake, cant wait to see what you and Rebecca cook up!
and Shula, so glad we could give you the baking hook-up, we LOVE an online recipe guide as well (see tomorrow's we made it ourselves for more evidence) I can't believe that the humble cupcake is topping $3.50 over your side of the river...I knew there was another good reason to live in Northcote.