strangers with candy


Normally we fill this weekly section with fabulous craft works we've completed relating to either our latest theme or latest fetish... and while this week we did manage to add to the collection of letters for Morphe 2 - ( see stacks on styled letter pile above) we spent most of the week ensconsed in varying degrees of uncomfortable seating and choc-top induced stupors.

So to be completely honest this week we just either:

made ourselves tired,

or after too many coffees/drinks at the festival club...

made fools of ourselves.


Florence said...

Time well spent I think. Film festivals are an important part of the arts yearly cycle. I always come away richer. It sounds like you've both had a heaps good time too :D

Beck said...

it's true film fests for me are just like mini overseas trips, when for a day you can be in three countries at once, being shown around by a local. For me it's a key venue to sort out the themes, aesthetics and stories that will influence me for the next year.
I love 'em!

Anonymous said...

Dont forget!