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As the hml team enters into yet another dark room with popcorn conversations in the foyers have turned to all the dodgy craft films we've seen through the years. We thought we'd give you our top 3 and let you guys add to the list...

In 3rd place is the cloying 'How to Make and American Quilt' or as Ramona likes to call it "women with women friends" - this film is so sickly sweet that it is considered torture not just for boyfriends but sensible women the world over. Needless to say Australian born director Jocelyn Moorehouse has never quite recovered. I might add that the book by Whitney Otto is really very good, not required reading but it doesn't make us nauseous.

The Craft isn't strictly a crafty movie but given the title and the creativity needed to pull together such terrible faux goth costumes and stage some rather elaborate witchy scenes it qualifies for the list. We think this film was meant to empower young women - instead it makes them look like idiots that are still driven to distraction (and some very poor spells) by boys (oh and in this case The Devil).

Having rewatched this film recently thanks to the joys and high quality of Pay TV we can honestly say it is a cheesy now as it was then. Mind you that apartment was still great...who knew craft paid so well?

All jokes aside if you want to see Really Great Craft in Film go to the Aardman studio website. There you can not only see clips from the world famous Wallace and Gromit series but also all their old ads and short films - it is a brilliant and beautiful site and definitely qualifies as crafty!

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