quick draw mcgraw


When I was a kid it was a real treat at the supermarket to get a little toy. Now I'm not talking Barbie Dolls or Tonka Trucks. No no no they were way out of our budget. But no matter because as all crafties will attest to there is nothing finer than the $2 (or in the mid 70's 50c) project toy. I still get a kick out of boxes of crayolas, coloured paper clips -or dream of all dreams The Pocket Spirograph.

The hml team picked this one up at The Warehouse - a barn dedicated to cheap junk that we really really NEED (it's not a want it's a need!) and as it is a week dedicated to drawing I thought I'd crack it open. If we were classier we'd have an etch-a-sketch but I'm afraid things haven't changed much - funds just didn't stretch that far!

This kit is pretty foxy tho. A secret compartment slides out to reveal a small pad, two pens, an array of spiro plates and a fetching orange desk.

And we have to say the elegant and simple mathematical patterns are perfect for embroidery and jewellery designs. Are we onto something? maybe.

Let the spirograph craft revolution begin!


Shula said...

sigh....just the word spirograph sends me spinning off into the mists of recollection. I never actually owned one, I'm still waiting for one of my very own, but how I loved to play with them when we crossed paths. I found them to be completely magical. Spirographs are a kind of Universal Truth.

Beck said...

they were just such a world of possibilities, I had a second hand one as a kid, which annoyingly was missing a couple of wheels, but on the upside they had amassed an abundance of little pins with colored heads which I couldn't get enough of!

Florence said...

I have a spirograph, and I had just pulled it out last week to try an experiment. I got mine from the supermarket but its a bit bigger than your nifty travel pack. I like that yours even had paper and pencils! now that's design for you.

good thinking on the embroidery design idea too.