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We have nothing to show you, no picture no clue. But you can believe us when we tell you that Nathan Gray is an amazing artist and that his show opens this Friday at Gertrude Contemporary Art Space. While also performing incredible feats of improvised music and contributing to cool magazines, Nathan draws great things with felt tip pens. So we're going to draw thing all week just to celebrate. Find out more about the endeavours of Nathan Gray at undo design.

What else is happening around town?

We're also hoping to make it out to Deakin University ICON Gallery to see David Frazer's perfect wood engraving series 'Mr Vertigo'. That little print above is only 10cm square in real life. Beautiful isn't it?

On the more crafty scene textile artist Tony Dyer has a solo show on the go at Steps Gallery in Lygon Street Carlton called Layered Meanings – Connective Pursuit that we have to see before it closes this weekend.

We'll also be drivin by Pieces of Eight to see Nid Kelly's rockin' ceramic Robots (we will see if we can manage not to but one, but we fear resistance is useless!)


Shula said...

Dave Frazer's a very good friend of Myriam's father, so I laughed to see him posted about here. He used to have this great act doing Frank Sinatra songs in Bourke St with a boom box. It was to die for. His prints are beautiful, aren't they?

Ramona said...

my god shula it is such a small world. I really love his work - there is a print of his with a caravan in it that I love. And he does Sinatra impressions?

Shula said...

His work really took off, I think, when he married. His wife, Hendriekia, is German, and Dave's work took on the character of the German print masters, and a certain dreamy, fairytale quality, that I believe his wife has given him.