string me up


Taking inspiration from construction sites, city skylines, and basic geometric shapes, artist Catherine Hockey has attached string and rope directly to the Westpace Gallery wall to create an installation aptly called 'Strung Out'. By creating the 'skeletons' of these familiar shapes Hockey is able to play with the viewers perception of the two and three dimesional image.

We remember with fondness the string art of our childhoods - those 2d wonders that could be found adorning many a 70's living room. It's amazing what you can do with a bit of mdf, little nails and, well, a piece of string. Who'd of thought that's all it took to make ye olde pictures of a sailing ship or a sunflower? It's time string art was revived and we are happy to let you know it's looking fresher that ever.

Catherine Hockey has taken it to a whole new level of sophistication that is probably beyond the reach of hml staffers. Mind you, we have been inspired to make it a string themed week, so who knows what Thursday will bring...

Catherine Hockey: Strung Out. until the 22nd of July

Westspace Gallery

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