how long is a piece of string


Well this weeks craft find comes straight from the good people of Golden Hands, perennial favourites of all lovers of 70's style craft. imaginatively entitled Pictures with Pins, it lets us in, DIY style on the "exciting new craze which is catching on fast". Well at least it was in 1974 when this particular edition was published. As we mentioned yesterday, handmade life thinks it high time for a revival and we'll be the first in line picking up the materials needed to start said revival at Bunnings come Saturday.

According to the intro "You don't have to be a dab hand with a paintbrush to create a picture these days. It's so much easier to do it with a hammer and nails and a reel of thread. Try this on a rainy afternoon, or (once you've hammered in the nails) while watching television in the evening." Excellent! What can be better than a craft project you can knock over during a matinee movie, football game or repeat episode of the West Wing.

It also includes a complete zodiac pattern guide for those who are astrologically inclined, as well as string art classics like the Goldfish, Sunburst, Butterfly and Peacock, although the "Passer-by" on page 34 and "Moon Buggy" on 33 just had us both bamboozled.

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