put your hands where i can see 'em


It just wouldn't be Melbourne or Monday if we didn't have yet another festival to announce. But it is unusual, even for us to feature two Big Tops in a matter of weeks. And in this case festival isn't the right word. Its a carnival folks! And we are all invited..

The International Puppet Carnival rolls into town and we are thrilled to bits to finally get to peek inside the cute tent that has been set atop the Fed Square car park. We're planning on attending a play evocatively titled 'Sad Bird Boy and other Dreams of the City' on Saturday night.

Our youngest staff member (feisty reporter, age nearly 12) will be participating (or coolly observing, depending on the mood) a workshop mysteriously called 'A Conference For the Birds' on Sunday afternoon.

All HML staff will be in attendance on Wednesday for 'Shadowplay' to try and pick up some tips on how to make magic with just a circle of light and a pair of hands.

Like all good carnivals (not festivals) there is almost too much to see; but it's a great opportunity to investigate this old and magical handmade craft in action.

Makes us wonder what these folks do the rest of the year...

International Puppet Carnival Website.

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