A horse with no name


This weekend's special project was promoted as an accessory moment straight out of the eighties, but with all the late nights this week watching the boys play soccer we decided that a caffeine related activity was probably more appropriate.

Speaking of which, we've had to kick out the Brazilian blends, Swiss mixes and Italian roasts from our coffee repetoire due to our newfound aussie allegiance and have been on the look out for a good New Guinea highland brew, figuring it's a safer regional bet.

With this in mind we dedicated the weekend edition to getting to know the local barrista, which in our case was at the apparently nameless but fantastically decorated new cafe on our High Street strip.

Decked out like the hml kitchen, full of horse and bird related craft finds, and sporting a delicious tray of vanilla cupcakes we couldn't have felt more at home... And the coffee kicked butt to boot!

Oh and we found out the cafe is called PALOMINO, and is muchos excellento.

By the way, we also found out a little about the art of the crema swirling that decorates the top of all good coffees...

and a whole flicker file dedicated to the craft of 'latte art'


wake up and smell the coffee.

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