what a dish


RAMONA: When seeking out our floral Craft Find/s of the Week I had almost forgotten about this stash of small dishes tucked in the back of the hutch cupboard. But having pulled these little sweeties out and really examining them I've come to re- admire their delicacy and old world charm.

Hand painted fine bone china is not as coveted as it once was. The names Wedgewood, Coalport, Royal Doulton, Royal Albert are now laden with nostalgia. Let's face it, my favourite dinner set is from (beloved) Ikea.

These small dishes serve no purpose - too good for a butter dish, too twee to sit out on show, to precious to hold keys or paper clips. But I nod to the unknown artists with their fine brushes and patient hands who mastered the art of the peony rose and forget-me-not.

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