flower power!


the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show... where you can see everything from this:

2004 award winning design by Jack Merlo Landscape Design and Construction

to this:

This week will see HML flush with floral blooms. We'll be tracking down Jamie Durie in an attempt to swindle a HML backyard blitz! We'll also be hoping for some hot ikebana tips, some free seedlings and as many project sheets as we can pack into our complimentary calico bag. I can't promise you'll catch us donning the cactus dress but we have to at least admire the iniginuity- certainly good protection on a first date - keep yourself nice in a prickly pear twin set! We'll be on the look out for the finest blooms, the craziest arrangements and the perfect botanical outfit. We'll keep you posted!

The Melbourne International Flower Show Wed April 5 to Sun April 9. $17.50 Adult tickets. Gates open 9am Royal Exhibtion Buildings and Gardens.

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