re-discovering our inner accountant... at the affordable art show

after spending some 'quality' time inside the venue we decided that aside from the work of dark art diva Irene Grishin-Selzer, most of the affordable art actually existed outside the walls of the exhibition building... Viva street culture.

The rest of the week was spent readying ourselves for the onslaught of 'SPOD' a new exhibition project from the workshop of handmadelife. A little something special for the 4th annual Melbourne Scarf Festival. Scarf + Pod = Spod

first comes the knitwear, next?

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fluffy said...

Just came from the Affordable Art Show and saw almost nothing worth a second look except Irene Grishin-Selzer, which I looked at then walked away from then ran back to look again. Then went home and googled her and ended up here. Hello! I agree that she was the best thing there. So much trash and wall decoration posing as art. Rubes! So so many rubes.