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Winter is truly upon us. We've pulled on the bedsocks, stoked the fire (well the central heating ) and turn our attention to this seasons knitting projects. The hml team love to knit but we aren't so hardcore. Like most of you leading a handmadelife our interests are diverse and demanding. In our dream world there are unlimited hours to make beautiful things but in reality we are lucky to get a knitted project for winter finished in time before the balmy breeze of summer blows in.

First things first...

Inspiration is needed so we turn to our fine collection of knitting books that range from lovely pamphlets printed in 1973 (white crocheted bell bottoms anyone?) to the latest slick feminist tract on why knitting is actually about empowering women (yes you can have it all didn't you know? And wear a stylish poncho at the same time!)

We take all that with a grain of salt. But we do turn to the knitting tomes for inspiration. Current favourites include:

This is probably one of the most beautful knitting books on the market and we have to confess not one single project from the book has been completed.
Why recommend it?
Because it's about being transported into a world where you have the time to curl up on the couch drink hot chocolate (recipe included) and knit quietly while watching dvds of all the films that feature someone knitting(list included). Those fingerless gloves are looking pretty good right about now...

When the HML team finally makes it to New York one of our first ports of call will be the yarn shop 'Purl'. But for now we'll make do with owner Joelle Hoversons stunning book 'Last Minute Knitted Gifts'.
Hats, scarves, potholder, bags all make an appearance but there are some neato surpises - the yoga mat bag for you healthy friends (mad as they are) and possibly the best knitted elephant ever devised. Be warned -
not so last minute. I'm not the slowest knitter in the world but I needed a good four to six hours on most things in the book. Legwarmers...excellent
Erika Knight has published some really beautful knitting books, all of which are inspirational. The lushest example is 'Simple Knits with a Twist' which is the kind of book you take to bed with you in the hope that you'll have dreams where you have the time and $400 to spend on Rowan yarns to make a patchwork quilt, or knit a pair of boudoir slippers out of silk ribbon. purlease! Wire basket is great fun and fast. Lovely book.

The books listed are not intended to teach you how to knit or to really provide you with practical projects. But do offer inspiration and some good bedtime reading. We picked ours up at Amazon but your local knitting shop or Borders should be able to get these for you.

Of Course HML already have a winter project...SPOD. we'll keep you posted...

spod week one
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