video killed the radio stars


We have to admit this week there wasn't a whole lot of making going on apart from making jokes. It's been about sport, about being tourists in our hometown, being too poor to go to an opening ceremony but lucky enough to be in a first world country where the party outside the arena was more extravagant than the one inside.

Big screen tvs, weightlifting, table tennis and Next Wave. It was about hanging out with family and friends and being so weary from our adventures all we could make was a cuppa tea. And this week was about fireworks. Really beautiful fireworks.

This weekend HML goes live on ABC with Helen Razor at Federation Square, as part of her recent attachment to all things crafty. We'll be talking up our back catalogue of knitting achievements and trying to out pearl each other in a one hour knitathon... feel free to listen in or come and see us prove to an audience of tens that we really do have great faces for radio...

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