I aint afraid of no ghost


BECK:This week we had grand plans of making up our own stuffed spooks but over ambitious as always we found ourselves out of time and out of inclination by the time we hit the sewing machines. We did however get up to quite a bit this week, including an entertaining but eye burningly long trawl through the free art on offer at Docklands, Fed. Square and ACMI in search of the elusive commonwealth games 'vibe'.
We'll be reporting on said 'vibe' tomorrow.

So for now,
instead of our spooky toys, you've got some drawings...
We promise we made them this week, and they do include ghosts.
And in the immortal words of of the cummerbunded one "two outta three aint bad".

We might be able to face making something more three dimensional by next week's column, although with the fireworks, table tennis and wrestling to attend, we're not making any promises.

RAMONA: Small drawing below...too tired to spook...will spook tomorrow I promise!

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