don't it make your brown eyes blue


RAMONA: This small paperclay ceramic house is one of my most treasured posessions. You may think it is a strange object to have as craft find of the week but hml really wants to stretch what that means. The preciousness of objects is not always obvious. Sometimes it's the story behind them that imbues them with history and significance. Sometimes they wear their preciousness on the outside, as is the case with this weeks object.

My house was 'built' by Susan Robey and was part of her 2003 show Palimpsest at Craft Victoria in 2003. I remember it cost me a weeks pay and it was the first major piece of what has become a love affair with all things blue. Robey trained as an architect and this little house, while seemingly so fragile is built on a solid foundation. It looks different from every angle, it changes with the light and it has become almost like a poem in the shape of an object.

You know when they ask what posessions you would save in a fire? This small blue house would be the first thing I would tuck under my arm.

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Beck said...

oh my god that's sooo beautiful!