delftly handled Charles


Seeing as we seem to be working blue this week, particularly in regard to all things ceramic, it is with great pleasure that we at HML bring to you the work of Mr Charles Krafft.
Traveler, tale teller, poet, craft journeyman, genuine all round genius.

The ladies of HML take their collective hats off to a man who can fashion both a grenade wielding bunny and Delft patterned Colt 45 with equal aplomb. Definitive multi-tasker he is also the author of some truly wonderful poetry with titles such "A week ago I bought some cheese" and "God told me to give you the finger". We wait with baited breath for the time when some canny curator gets around to bringing the Disasterware downunder so we all may sup from the dark plate of Krafft.

please enjoy your explorations at Villa Delirium.

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