we're baaaaaaaaaaack

After what seems like an eternity, we are back on air this morning with the wonderful Kulja and Dylan of The Grapevine on RRR (102.7 on your dial!). We are really looking forward to getting back out into the world after a solid three month stint in the Writing Bunker we need to stretch our legs a bit and see what's out there.  Lucky for us the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival has a bangin arts program this year with some shows already open despite the festival still being a couple of weeks off. We checked out We Wear Future at BSG on Saturday. A sprawling show of 20 artists and designers that, despite being a bit hit and miss, has some real gems. We kinda loved the 'morph jackpacks' by Cadia Belante(above). Turns out we missed a whole floor of this show, doh! A return visit for sure.

Stephen McLaughlan Gallery continues the have sneaky brilliant shows that slip under the radar, the latest is no exception. The Useful Set brings together some of the best ceramicists currently at the wheel (see what we did there)? Jane Sawyer, Prue Venables, Sophie Moran, Elizabeth Masters, Zak Chalmers, Phil Elson and on and on. With the addition of beautiful still life paintings by Lisa Banks this is quite a quiet gathering of marvellous minds. a MUST see.

We'll be talking more about White Goods, the current show on at Craft, later in the week. Suffice to say it's a beautiful meditative show - perfect for hot summer days. We'll also talk a bit about the mysterious National Craft Initiative and the new announcement of a Victorian Craft Award

We'll also tell you more about what we've been doing while on hiatus (a lot of hunching over our computers to be honest) but more excitingly what we are about to do! It's fever pitch here at HML headquarters with a kind of marathon of making ahead that will test our craft mettle to the core. It's nice to be back, we missed you! Happy New Year Everyone… RAMONA & BECK

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