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Seeing new work by Sandra Eterovic is always exciting. Long time favourite of handmadelife, this hard working and talented illustrator/artist just gets better and better. A sense of humour dryer than a desert married with the prettiest of palettes ramps up the sarcasm to 11 without being too clever clogs.

Her new table tennis paddle paintings (all sold by the time I got to the opening) are pitch perfect. People lie awake, their minds racing with the knowledge life just doesn't live up to expectations.
There's always a smattering of self deprecation to keep the ego in check. Above all this sardonic sloganism there is an undeniable beauty in her work. We never know if this is just a way to seduce us as viewers, a way of tricking us into believing that everything will be all right in the end, when in fact reality is far more complicated than that.

Despite this lack of apparent optimism, the work is ultimately funny and open hearted. Eterovic seems to be saying that even if things aren't all rosy, at least we are in it together and that will make it more than bearable in the end. We can have fun in the lifeboat together despite being such a motley crew.

Still Waiting to be Blown Away  
by Sandra Eterovic
until November 12
HUT 13
79 Swan Street 

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Sandra Eterovic said...

I am SO blown away, Ramona. I love the way that you write about the art and craft world, and to have you write such beautiful words about my work feels beyond Christmas! ;-) It didn't even enter my mind that you might write about my show. Ha. Ever naive. Thanks so so so so much from the bottom of my upside down heart. xx