warp speed

the installation is so precise and considered
We are so excited to see a new body of work from master tapestry weaver Tim Gresham. Even more interesting in the partnership between his photography and weaving, two strings to his arts practice that play harmoniously in this very clean controlled and distilled work.

the scale is perfect for the instagram age
The work suits the Edmund Pearce Gallery, in the Nicholas building, perfectly. A space primarily exhibiting photographic work, there is a serenity to the classic white box that showcases these pieces to their best advantage.

changes are subtle with light and dark taking turns as focus
I see Gresham's work as quite musical, all about rhythms and syncopation. He captures with the eye in the photos what many a tapestry weaver trains to capture with the hand - a concise order that doesn't defy nature but reflects it's 'neater' qualities.

colour is minimal and muted but adds punctuation
 There is a trend currently for the wild and woolly fibre art style of weaving which we here at HML love.It's what we grew up on and it is expansive and playful. This pulls you to the other end of the spectrum of weaving practice. As modern as Gresham's pieces are their lineage really stretch way back to an age of master weaving when tapestry was employed as a form of documentation.

it's always interesting when nature makes and appearance between the architecture
 I imagine now Gresham being commissioned to create work to document new public spaces, weather patterns, advances in technology. This is our ideal world where professional craft still carries that same cache in recording or commemorating major events.

Many moons ago I interviewed Gresham in his Collingwood studio. You'll have to excuse my early foray into arts writing was a little clunky but he had some great things to say about his practice. You can read it here.

REFLECT by Tim Gresham
Edmund Pearce Gallery
Nicholas Building
OPEN WED SAT 12-5 until June 28

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