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Manon Von Kouswijk and Lucy Sarneel

The ladies of HML have been going down the rabbit hole of textiles the past couple of months, immersing ourselves in indigo, rope vessels, weaving, knitting, printing. Sometimes it's refreshing to come up for air to see what's happening in other areas and we can highly recommend a new jewellery exhibition currently on at Gallery Funaki.

Lucy Sarneel

Dutch jewellers Manon Von Kouswijk and Lucy Sarneel work on opposite sides of the globe (Manon here in Melbourne and Lucy in Amsterdam) but their work sits beautifully together in their new show 2 Minds 4 Hands. They both have a lightness and, for want of a better word, a musicality about them. 
Lucy Sarneel

What do I mean by that? Sarneel's work particularly even while in the stillness of the gallery implies movement and sound, I image the pieces would 'dance' on the body. The work is so well considered but it is no way dour or overly serious.
Manon Von Kouswijk
Von Kouswijk continues to explore shape, form and colour through interlocking porcelain shapes that are very pretty but also reminiscent of the industrial and on occasion the physical sometimes I think of cogs and machines, then I think of the discs of a spine. The look interlocking, they relate to each other. The work still looks exploratory to me and it will be interesting to see where it goes over the next couple of years. Von Kouswijk's work is always so inspiring. A great show, highly recommended.

2 Minds 4 Hands runs until March 8
Gallery Funaki
4 Crossley Street
Melbourne City

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