skill set rewind

My clan are obsessed with the day trip. There is nothing we love more than rising really early and having breakfast in a little town somewhere. We are so lucky to live somewhere that has dozens of great places within one or two hours drive. So if you fancy the mountains or the sea it is never beyond reach on a Sunday morning.

A couple of weekends ago we visited Kyneton's inaugural festival Lost Trades Fair. Regular readers will know I went gaga a little while ago for this particular book so this fair was right up my alley. Everything from fletchers, blacksmiths, rush chair makers to luthiers set up stalls on the grounds of the Kyneton Museum and demonstrated their crafts to attentive crowds. 35 in all, meant that there really was something for everyone. I came away wanting to do a knife making course!

I think I may have driven some of them a little nuts with my incessant questions but how else does one learn about the process of drying rushes or turning a biscuit tin into a banjo? It was a roaring success and is scheduled to return in 2015. We promise to tell you about it in advance so you can go. RAMONA

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Margie Rahmann said...

hello lovely Ramona, I've been thinking of you all week... I'm thinking you have been dealing with the C word (not the rude one, the other one) and wanted to send you love and healing vibes... I can't find an email for you though, so I'll just post them here and hope it's not too public for these words. xoxoxoxoxox Margie (myveryowneyegoggles)